A quick look at the Dwarf, Priestess, Skeleton and xPloder

Hi everyone,

We have 23 different types of enemy in Brut@l, while some of these will be a secret up until launch, we’re going to release a few pieces of information on four of  the enemies today to give you an idea of what to  expect from them, as well as some of the interesting combinations you might find!

The Dwarf:

The Dwarf is one of our favorite enemies. He’s quick, very aggressive and has a diverse set of attacks that can catch you off guard if you’re not quick.


Generally speaking these enemies stick to their own kind, often seen roaming the Dungeon in groups of three and laying waste to those that come across them, however now and again you’ll see them team up with other strong enemies to provide a challenge to any adventurer. Our favorite combination is perhaps the Dwarf and Knight, combining fast and aggressive with slow and tanky, providing a tough challenge as you avoid the onslaught of fast paced Dwarf attacks with the probing, more calculated attacks from the Knight.


The Dwarf does has some weaknesses, although we’re not going to give that away in this blog post! 😉

The Priestess:

The Priestess is really an enemy that came into her own over the last few months of polish and iteration. Originally an annoying character you’d find solo in the dungeon, she’s now become the backbone of enemy groups. Not only can the Priestess hurl blindness potions at you, making it difficult to see what’s around you, she can also heal and enrage her allies, boosting their health before a killing blow or causing them to deal outrageous damage for a short period of time. She’s also very slippery and you’ll need to chase her down to perform killing blows. The question is,do you prioritize her first, blocking and dodging the other enemies, or do you get rid of her allies and render her useless and thus an easy kill?



Skeleton Archers:

The bane of our QA team. Skeleton Archers have gone through a lot of changes, originally seen as a large group enemy they often appeared in big groups, peppering the enemy with small amounts of damage, but a lot of it. The problem with this  was that ranged attacks stagger, so getting hit by 5 or so arrows back to back would interrupt your attacks and make fights more a trial of will than skill or button mashing excellence. Skeleton Archers are now used as in smaller support groups, often paired with Skeleton Knights, Orcs or even a Minotaur or two. They’ll pick you off from the back and look to  disrupt your onslaught on their allies, dealing small damage over time that can really impact you as you progress down the Dungeon floors.


The xPloder:

The enemy that never gets away. The xPloder, while dealing a low amount of damage, will still strike fear into you even at level 25 of the Dungeon. This enemy, often traveling in pairs, will charge at you relentlessly until you are within range, at which point they’ll explode, knocking you back and dealing a low amount of damage. While this enemy does little damage, if you let the xPloder do this to you regularly over your playthrough that small amount adds up quickly. Couple that with enchantements and tick effects, for example a Poison xPloder applying  tick damage to you after an explosion, these weak enemies quickly become quite the nuisance.


Don’t worry though, you can easily avoid these by simply… [REDACTED]

And that is us! As I say we do have 23 enemies in the game and while we will be showing more off in the future some of them will remain a mystery until launch, allowing you to experience the fear of [REDACTED] as well as the onslaught of [REDACTED]. Yes I enjoy saying [REDACTED].

Until next time!

— Richard

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