Brut@l Squad Winner

Hi everyone,

Last week we announced our ‘Build a Squad‘ contest, in this contest you could enter what you felt would be a fun and challenging Squad to fight against in the final version of Brut@l. After play testing all of the awesome (and very challenging!) entries we decided to go with the group submitted by iKamando over on Twitter.

iKamando submitted the group of two Ice Arachnids and one Fire Troll. At first glance this is quite a simple group, however once you playtest it you immediately realize this is a tough group and the enemies mesh really well together.

Our Arachnids have a secondary attack that allows them to stun you in position, on top of that Ice enemies can freeze you with physical attacks, because of this the Arachnid has a long range AND short range stun.

Combine this with the slow and lumbering Troll that deals a lot of damage and you have a fairly deadly combination, the Arachnids can stun (or freeze!) the player in position and allow the Troll to get into range to deal a large chunk of damage. Of course the Troll is also a Fire Troll so expect to be set ablaze when he hits you, as if you hadn’t suffered enough!


Group 1

Thanks again to everyone who entered, we had a lot of fun playtesting all of the groups, and congratulations to iKamando, not many people get to die to their own creations in a game, so remember, you did this to yourself 😉

Until next time,


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