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We’ve discussed the idea of ‘Squads’ at several points in Brut@l’s development. Squads to us are groups of enemies that band together to form better, stronger units and add a unique and interesting combat scenario for the player. An example, as shown in the GIF below, is the idea of the Ice Skeleton Archers freezing the player in place, so the Minotaur, normally an easily dodge-able opponent, can stomp all over you with ease.


Of course part of the trick here is not overusing this one scenario, after a while it becomes a chore to see another Ice Skeleton Archer ready to freeze you so enemy X can hit you. You CAN block Ice Attacks, so these enemies can be nullified with blocks / attack / block. You can also dodge an arrow, which leads to interesting scenarios. If an arrow is going to hit you, but you move and a Minotaur is behind you, what happens?


As you can see, the Minotaur becomes frozen (as did I, because  that second archer has an incredible aim on him). This leads to another strategy, putting enemies in between you and ranged enemies, and forcing them to engage in friendly fire.

So why am I discussing all of this? Well we’d love to see what types of squads YOU would create, with the knowledge of our enemies and enchantments. Below we’ll outline all of our AI (Well, not ALL, a few will be a secret until you find them at launch!)  as well as all of our enchantments, then it’s over to you! We’ll let you know at the bottom of this post how to enter, we’d love to see your combinations of enemies and enchantments.


Well, we’ll pick the best one and put it in the game, so you can die to your own squad, as well as having the satisfaction that your squad will kill your friends and other players, that’s quite Brut@l! So let’s get into the enemies!



Speed: The Arachnid is slow when firing its secondary ability, the web stun (as seen above). However is very quick at closing distances and performing follow up attacks.
Details: The Arachnid has two attacks;

  • Root: The Arachnid can, when the player is at a mid to long range distance from them, fire a web at the player and root them in place for several seconds.
  • Physical: The Arachnid can perform a heavy hitting physical attack on the player, this takes a moment to finalize, making the Arachnid quite easy to dodge once you see it readying to perform it’s attack – of course if you’re rooted, you’re going no where!



Speed: Very fast!
Attacks: The Dwarf has a variety of quick physical based attacks. All of these are heavy hitting, quick and overall devastating if the player does not block or escape quick enough. From his single swing, to his hammer spin, the Dwarf excels at chasing the player and performing a flurry of quick and devastating blows to the player.



Speed: The Imp is a fairly dumb creature, they are slow to react to the players presence, however once they do they will charge at the player, with no care for their own survival.
Details: The Imp deals a low amount of damage over a fairly quick period, on their own they are very easily defeated due to their low health, however in groups of  three or more can cause problems to players ill equipped for their swarming tactics.



Speed: Slow
Details: The Knight is a slow, lumbering character, his attacks are slow, and don’t deal a lot of damage in comparison to other melee characters, however the Knight can knock the player back with his charge, leaving the player open to follow up swipes. In addition the Knight, due to being heavily armored, is very tanky and thus is not a quick nor easy kill.



Speed: Fast!
Details: The Minotaur does one thing, but he does it very well. Once the player is within range, the Minotaur will lock on and charge the player, if he hits the player will be knocked back AND receive a large volume of damage. Of course the player can dodge under the Minotaur or jump around him (if timed correctly!). This often, long term, makes the Minotaur weak when facing experienced dungeon crawlers.



Speed: Very Fast!
Details: The Orc is possibly the fastest character in the game, and are unrelenting once they have spotted the player. They deal a low amount of damage, however due to them chasing the player down so quickly they are very difficult to escape, in addition they also attack very quickly, so while the amount of damage dealt is low, the sheer ferocity and intensity of the Orc make them a danger to all dungeon dwellers.



Speed: Slow
Details: The Priestess is a very fun and interesting enemy. She has offense and group defense abilities:

  • On offense the Priestess can throw a potion of blindness at the player, dealing a low amount of damage, but most interestingly causing the player to go blind, greatly reducing their field of view and making it near impossible to see what other enemies lurk in the darkness (blindness wears off a while).
  • On defense she can heal other enemies, as well as cause them to become enraged. Enraged enemies become extremely strong, dealing 10x damage and becoming invulnerable for a short period.


Skeleton Warrior

Skeleton Warrior

Speed: Fast
Details: The Skeleton Warrior is very quick, able to lock onto and pursue an enemy instantly. Sadly despite his ferocity in pursuit of the player, he deals little damage as well as having little health. No real threat solo, although Skeleton Warriors can cause problems in Squads together or with other slow or ranged enemies.

Skeleton with Spear



Speed: Slow
Details: The Skeleton with Spear is a slow moving, but high damage dealing enemy. While hiding behind his shield the Skeleton will bunker down into position and hurl very high damage dealing (but slow) spears at the player. With its shield broken the Skeleton will walk haphazardly towards the player, jabbing with its spear to deal, again, a high volume of damage.

Skeleton Archer

Skeleton Archer

Speed: Medium
Details: Skeleton Archers rarely move, unless they need to get into position for a better shot. While they deal a lower amount of damage in comparison to a lot of enemies in Brut@l, there shots are very quick and once loosed almost impossible to dodge or block without the use of perfect timing. These enemies can stagger the player as well, allowing other enemies to quickly pounce.


-KdPiP (1)

Speed: Slow
Details: The Troll, while slow to move, does perform his attacks quickly and with much force. The Troll deals a lot of damage on hit, as well as radius damage if he misses the player and instead hits the ground.



Speed: Fast
xPloders, as the name suggests,  explode when in the vicinity of the player. They will lock onto the player and immediately charge at them, not giving up until they are killed by the player, or blow up at their players feet. They deal a little bit of damage, but cannot be blocked and will knock the player back.



Speed: Very slow
Details: Slow moving, low damage deal and mindless enemies. Weak when solo, however with numbers can overwhelm the player and trap them.

With all the enemies discuss, let’s take a look at Enchantments! 

In Brut@l there are five different types of Enchantments, and all enemies can be enchanted with any of these magical properties.

  • Fire: Fire enchanted enemies will set the target a blaze, igniting the player for several seconds and doing a high tick damage value over time
  • Poison: Poison enchanted enemies will poison the player, dealing a low value of tick damage over a longer period of time
  • Ice: Ice enchanted enemies, as seen in the Minotaur example above, have a percentage CHANCE of freezing an enemy in place
  • Arcane: Arcane enemies will apply a magical damage overtime tick to the player, as well as something more interesting we’ll let you figure out on your own 😉
  • Electrical: Electrical enemies apply shock / electric damage to the player, a quick, low value, burst of damage

You can mix and match these enchantments in anyway you want. For example you could have two Fire enchanted Orcs, who will deal quick, high value, tick damage to the player, combined with a Poison enchanted Dwarf who will apply a lower value tick damage, but over a longer period.


Novel complete.

So, now you know the information,  we’d love it if you could take some time, have a think, and then let us know how YOU would combine these enemies. Remember there are no limits, you could have FIVE Skeleton Archers and ONE Priestess, or THREE Priestesses and FOUR Zombies, or simply just one of each enchantment type over 5 xPloders (so cruel, please no!).

Once you have your ideas, you can contact us in the easiest way for you:

  • Comment below this blog post 😀
  • Send us a tweet: @StormcloudGames
  • Drop us a message on Facebook
  • Email me – richard AT stormcloudgames DOT com

I look forward to seeing, and dying  to, all of your Brut@l creations! We’ll end the contest on the 13th of May.

—  Richard

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