Meet the Amazon

Hi all,

It’s time to finish our Meet the Series with our final character, the AM@ZON.


The Amazon has a lot of similarities to the Ranger, she’s’ fast, has above average health and does similar damage. Where she differs is in her move-set, instead of being focussed on punches she, quite literally, kicks the living ASCII out of the enemies of Brut@l.

The Amazon has three starting skills:

  • Craftsman: The Amazon can craft weapons immediately. She still has to find the codex’s (blue prints) to do so, but once she has these and the required ASCII letters she is able to make the weapon without using a skill point to do so.
  • Warrior Strength: This ability allows the Amazon to not only hit harder with her kicks, but also the strength to wield weaponry such as Hammers and Axes.
  • Assassin’s Mark: With this ability the Amazon can stealth up behind an enemy, if they are unseen they can one hit kill this enemy. This ability is tough on later levels but can come in very useful when low health or facing very strong enemies – be careful though, not all enemies are easily fooled!.

Watch our video below for some AM@ZON focussed gameplay!

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Have a great day!

— Richard

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