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In one of our previous blog posts we discussed the R@NGER, now it’s time to discuss the M@GE – the staff wielding grandmaster of Brut@l.

The Mage starts off with the lowest health out of all four characters, however what he lacks in health he makes up for in ability. Unlike the other characters who have a shield equipped for offence and defence, the Mage wields an ancient staff, granting him the ability for long ranged and powerful damage dealing magic.


Mana must be used wisely however, each use of the staff uses one mana charge, once it hits zero the Mage is left without any long ranged magic abilities while it recharges, thus careful timing and use of this ability is critical to the Mages chances of survival in the later depths of Brut@l.

With no mana the Mage still has some close combat tricks up his magic sleeves. While he does not have the strength of the Warrior, or speed of the Ranger / Amazon, he can handle himself well versus single or multiple enemies, however pay attention to your health, getting a few hits in and then retreating for long ranged combat is essential on your journey to floor 26.

The Mage has three starting skills:

  • Faster Mana Recharge: With this ability the the Mages mana will recharge at a faster rate, allowing him to better use not only his staff, but also rare wands that can be found in the dungeon.
  • Wizard’s Apprentice: This skill allows the Mage to use magic wands. Wands are rare items with incredible destructive power.
  • Extra Mana (Tier 1): The Mage has more mana charges than all other characters, allowing increased use of all mana using items.

Watch our video below for some M@GE focussed gameplay!

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