Meet the Ranger

Hi everyone,

We’re talking about the R@NGER today, one of the four classes available to you as you try and survive the dungeon depths of Brut@l.

In Brut@l all characters gain XP and level up, therefore all characters can obtain any skill set, what sets each character apart is their starting skills, health and move set.

The Ranger is the middle character, taking none of the weaknesses of the Warrior or Mage but also not commanding either of these characters core strengths. He has above average health, moves quickly and can unleash a flurry of attacks.


The Ranger excels in his ability to move with speed, he cant take the hits or deal the damage of the Warrior, nor can he rely on long ranged magic like the Mage, however he can get in to the faces of enemies quickly and move back with ease.

The Ranger has three starting skills:

  • Craftsman: The Ranger can craft weapons immediately. He still has to find a codex (blue prints) to do so, but once he has these and the required ASCII letters he is able to make the weapon without using a skill point to do so.
  • Assassin’s Mark: With this ability the Ranger can stealth up behind an enemy, if they are unseen they can one hit kill this enemy. This ability is tough on later levels but can come in very useful when low health or facing very strong enemies – be careful though, not all enemies are easily fooled!
  • Novice Archer: This skill allows the Ranger to wield and fire bows.

Watch our video below for some R@NGER focussed gameplay!

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— Richard

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