Meet the Warrior

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It’s time to meet the W@RRIOR! In previous posts we’ve revealed more about the R@NGER, and M@GE, but now it’s time for the behemoth of Brut@l to take centre stage.


The Warrior is strong, starting off with the most health in the game as well as some incredible hard hitting damage with his fists. This makes him the perfect character to Kick Some ASCII in early levels, laying waste to initial enemies with ease and obtaining XP from the destroying things in the environment effortlessly. However the Warriors strength is also his weakness, his slow movement can often leave him exposed by some of the faster enemies in the game, leaving him to soak up damage or time dodges and blocks perfectly.

The Warrior has three starting skills:

  • Warrior Strength: This ability allows the Warrior to not only hit harder with his bare hands, but also the strength to wield weaponry such as Hammers and Axes.
  • Extra Special (Tier 1): All characters start with one special ability charge, the Warrior, thanks to this skill, starts with three, allowing you to take full advantage of his strength early on.
  • Heavy Weapon Special: This unlocks the ability to use Hammer and Axe special abilities, devastating area affect skills that can lay waste to multiple enemies at once.

Watch our video below for some W@RRIOR focussed gameplay!

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