Top Bug: Character Movement and Strangeness!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Welcome to this week’s Top Bug, our weekly post where we delve into some of our favorite bugs from Brut@l – while these are of course now fixed, they’re still fun to share!

Those feels when you fix a Top Bug

Similar to last week, we’re going to do a mixture of smaller bugs this week instead of focussing on one singular issue. So let’s begin with the case of the flying chest.

Randomly scattered throughout the dungeon are chests, these chests can contain a variety of loot types, such as weapon blue prints, potion ingredients and much more! However at one stage we hid a chest behind a locked cage, upon releasing the chest from its prison the chest didn’t quite react as we thought…


No loot for you adventurer!

One thing you’ll always try and do as a QA tester is get out of the world. It’s a right of passage, you HAVE to try and break free of these shackles. Sadly however, you’ll often find this is near impossible, until that one day where you do something unrelated to anything and suddenly fall out of the world. Mission successful right? Sadly you now need to figure out what the hell you did 😛

Similar to the last issue, some of the best bugs you find are by complete accident, like below. In this video the Amazon is just about to fire her bow at the exact moment the Skeletons Spear strikes her, as such the arrows force is applied to the Amazon, sending her flying all over the place. You could attempt to re-create this another 99 times (and we did!) and it would probably not happen, but that 100th time is the charm after all!

Our last bug today is the freezing bug that didn’t quite freeze you. Frozen Enchanted enemies have the possibility of freezing you in place, rooting you in one spot and letting other enemies get in a free blow (always block / dodge and kill frozen enemies first!). However at one stage the freezing ability was more like the ice skating ability, turning the player into ice and letting them slide harmlessly away.

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Enjoy the rest of your day!

— Richard

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