Top Bug: The life and death of an AI

Welcome back to Top Bug!

This week we’re doing something slightly different, instead of focusing in on one bug, we’re going to focus in on our AI and pick some of our favorite bugs related to them. Let’s begin!


The Rock Monster opens the bug list for today. This monstrous behemoth can not only throw boulders at you from a distance, he can also close the gap very quickly by changing into his ball form and hunting you down, of course when we see someone rolling, we’re often hating. The Rock Monster must have caught onto this and decided to show off a little.

Have you ever noticed that in Star Wars, no matter how many Storm Troopers the Empire has they can NEVER hit anything? I’ve coined this ‘Storm Trooper Aim’, the ability to consistently miss your target even when it’s almost impossible to do so. Why do I bring this up? Well for a long time the Skeleton Archer, as seen below, had this exact issue. Pew Pew indeed.


Picture this scene, you’re in a Dungeon (stick with us!) and a Minotaur is chasing you, a hulking, snorting and extremely angry beast determined to mow you down. You stand there with nothing more than a small, plate sized shield as your defense. As the Minotaur charges you the only viable options you have are run, or attempt to dodge around or over the enraged beast. If during this you decide the best option is to of course stand still and let him hit your puny shield, then well done, you’re clearly just as clever as our QA team, because that’s exactly what they did. Sometimes the things you think people won’t do, they do right away.

We don’t suggest you try this at launch, the outcome will be considerably different.

And our final bug of the day is thanks to our Lycanthrope. Have you ever had one of THOSE days? When you just want to disappear, perhaps flying into the clouds to never be seen again? No? Well neither have we, but something made our Lycanthrope pack up and leave!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post today everyone, we greatly appreciate it! Have a fantastic week and keep your eyes on our Twitter and Facebook to keep up-to-speed with  everything we’re doing. It’s a busy few weeks here at Stormcloud!

Until next time.

— Richard

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