Top Bug: Life in the slow lane

Welcome to Top Bug, your weekly insight into some of the bugs we’ve come across (and fixed!) while working on Brut@l.

This week we’re leaving Mav and Goose at home and welcome a new guest to help share this weeks Brut@l bug, the one and only, Mitch Buchannon.


Why is Mitch here you ask? Well this weeks bug is all about the misuse of slow motion, and let’s face it, Mitch and his fellow Baywatch life guards had that covered!


This week we’re looking at what happens if you accidentally slow the game down. In this video you can see that our Orc and Skeleton Warrior just *really* want a part in the new Baywatch movie. (And who wouldn’t?!)

In the video below you can see the player attempting to drink a potion via in the inventory, when this happens they are dropped back into the game world to drink said potion, however just as this is happening three Minotaur’s (legitimate QA testing here!) are charging the player, the player is hit exactly at the point the potion is being drunk and everything sloooooows downnnnnnnnnn.

Dodging a slow motion running Minotaur isn’t a challenge, so we made sure to fix that 😀

Up next though is the Wurm! The Wurm was plagued with these slow motion issues, as you can see the animation for the player plays at the right speed, but again because the Wurm attempted to perform his attack while the player was mid potion drink the Wurm begins to emerge in slow motion. We’re not sure Jaws would have had the same appeal if the shark came out of the water slowly, and the same goes for our Wurm!

Once the enemy was hit by this slow motion bug they NEVER sped up again, which led to issues like below where the Wurm was, very slowly, trying to do… well we don’t actually know what the Wurm was doing here, but it doesn’t look right.

All of these bugs are of course fixed, however we’d love to hear what bugs you’ve found while playing or developing a game, let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter.

Finding a classic Baywatch quote to end on proved quite difficult, so we’re going to exit the same way we entered, slowly.


— Richard.


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