Top Bug: Someone needs dance lessons

Welcome back to Top Bug!

Each Sunday we take a look back at some of our favorite bugs from the development of Brut@l and share them with you, is this an excuse for overusing Top Gun GIFs? We decline to answer.


This week we’re looking at a bug that caused the player character as well as enemies of the dungeon to perform what can only be described as ‘Dad Dancing’.

In this bug it was possible to confuse the AI, as well as the player character, by using block in various scenarios. In the video above the Knight is approaching the player before becoming confused by the players blocking ability, unable to go further, and without the ability to run (Knight’s dont flee!) the Knight decides it’s time to break out some seriously impressive dance moves to confuse us all.

Below you can see a rat attach to the player as he’s blocking. Rat’s are small and care not for your shield, they simply jump, latch on, and bite away at you. Because of this the player is trying to block something that’s directly attached to them. Chaos ensues. Damn rats.


And that’s it for another Top Bug! Remember if you’ve come across any bugs during your time making OR playing games you can let us know about them in the comments below or over on Twitter.

Now if you’ll excuse us we have to get back to work, any of you guys seen an aircraft-carrier around here?

— Richard


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