Weapon Enchanting

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Yesterday we released a video talking about Weapon Crafting, today we’re going to the next logical step – Weapon Enchanting.

How does Weapon Enchanting Work?

We’ve spoken about how our basic ASCII, the white common letters, are the building blocks for making weapons. On top of these we also have enchanted ASCII, if the basic ASCII are the building blocks, then these enchanted variants set the building blocks on fire!

There are five enchantment types:

Water: This gives you a percentage chance to freeze an enemy in place, allowing you to quickly follow up with another hit without fear of punishment.
Fire: This will engulf your foe in flames, don’t stand too close though!
Poison: This will apply a poison tick to enemies, dealing damage to them over time.
Electrical: This will shock your enemies, damaging them with electric damage as well as an upfront punch.
Arcane: This enchantment is both brut@l and exciting, this has the chance to change your foe into another enemy, be it weaker OR stronger. A true risk vs reward weapon.

To enchant your weapon with one of these effects you must first find the corresponding letter color that your weapon requires.

Enchanted Thunderstrike

This bow requires an enchanted A and R, in this example we have a fire enchanted A and R and thus can make a fire enchanted Legendary Thunderstrike Bow. Simple right? Well yes! Just make sure to search the levels for all the enchanted letters or you could miss out!

Warrior vs Imp

With 15 different weapons and each of them having different letter requirements for enchanting, you’re most likely to have a combination of weapons to choose from, for example a fire bow or a water axe. It is possible to have all of them enchanted and usable, so make sure to check every floor for enchanted letters!

Freezing a troll!

Oh, we almost forgot, all enemies have enchanted variants, so what you can do to them, they can do to you, so be careful! 😉

Water Skeleton with Spear

And that’s us! If you have any questions let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter and Facebook

Finally we’re pushing all this content to celebrate our Brut@l Steam Greenlight Campaign, so head over to Steam today and vote ‘YES!’ for Brut@l to come to PC!


— Richard

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