A week of Brut@l ASCII fun


Launching a game is hard. You get stuck in a constant process of trying to stick out above the noise that is coming from every direction. It’s tough, you’re often rolling the dice on whether something you do will resonate with someone, or even be seen.

After several months of creating blogs, YouTube videos and being active on social media we felt like we’d created some really fun content. We’re very new to this, but we hope you like our Let’s Plays (that hair though…), trailers and our awful attempt at ASCII inception (we’re sorry..).

With all of that said, we’re huge fans of gaming and game development and consume a great deal of content ourselves. We’ve tried to appear on any podcast or show that will have us, not just to speak about Brut@l, but to speak about video games in general. There’s something compelling about just sitting down and talking about new games, news stories or general gaming culture. So as fans of content creation, we had to have a little fun with it.

With Brut@l launching on August 9th we wanted to take a step back. The embargo is over, content is live and it was time to simply enjoy the launch excitement and have some fun with our game. With that in mind we decided to look at some of our favorite PlayStation news outlets and give them the Brut@l treatment. We don’t expect these to go anywhere, but sometimes just being a fan and getting to make something you’re proud of is more than enough.

Thanks for getting us through a year of development, thanks for talking about us on your shows and saying hello at events, and most importantly, thanks for making awesome content.






And of course, we had to push ourselves a little further….

We hope you enjoyed these as much as we enjoyed making them!

Until next time,


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